• Airborne particles are going to be sucked and then compacted by the compressor.
  • These particles and parts of oil can't be filtrated out of the air by the usual separators.
  • Without processing, the quality of your output is being forced down, your image is decreasing and reparation costs are exploding.

These disadvantages are eleminated with the use of a micro filter.

  • The micro filter has an evectiveness of 99,9999% at 0,01 Micron and the amount of remaining oil is lower than 0,01mg/m³
  • Eco-friendly materials are used and the design is compact and service friendly.
  • The micro filter works efficient because of a high flow rate, a low differential pressure, a high mud-adsorbing capacity, long service life and high productivity.

The filter is manufactured in a pleated form, so the stability is high under changing loads.
At the same time the specific area load is reduced, therefore in comparison to conventionally (wrapped) filters this filter has more strengh in flow rate and mud-adsorbing capacity.