Problem: Humidity in compressed air

Humidity in compressed air leads to problems in many industries and processes.
So it also can have an impact on discharging processes.

  • Even a small cooling-down of the air through walls and pipelines leads to condensate which can enhance the danger of corrusion.
  • The use of humidified air can occur ice formation in winter time. Iceblocks valves and pipeline sand can damage the function of the compressed air installation.
  • A too high humidity content in the air affects the quality of sensitive media such as foodstuffs, varnish, etc.

 Solution: Adsorber



  • The adsorber is filled with Silicagel granulate.
  • When the compressed air passes through the dryer the silicagel granulate adsorbs the humidity. The air is dried.
  • The granulate is impragnated by an indicator. This indicator enables an easy control of the drying process, as the colour changes from orange to colourless after adsorbing.
  • The regeneration of the granulate can be reached by heating.
  • Then the adsorbed water will condensate and will be passed to the environmental air and the colour changes back to orange.

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