Optimum versatility

The oil-free LF compressors from BRÄTSCH are available in a number of product variants to match the exact needs of a wide range of end users. They are available as standard "core" units, with the possibility to add a number of standard options, giving the flexibility to match the individual application requirements.

They have permanent sealed main bearings, nickel-plated cylinders and pistons and piston rings made of carbonic materials.



The heart of the LF is a compact and light-weight automotive type aluminium compressor block designed for the best performance. Combined with the direct drive setup, this makes the LF compressor block perfect for OEM applications. Following the recommended starter and start/stop regulation, the LF block is available with simple connection, industrial check valve or industrial unloader valve connected to the aftercooler pipe of the block.





In a Powerpack, the LF compressor block is directly driven to an electrical IP55/insulation class F motor. Different motors are available both for Direct On Line (DOL) start and Y/D start. DOL start can be combined with a simple check valve (S) or with an industrial check valve (CV). Y/D start is common on units from 4 kW (5.5 hp) and is always combined with an industrial unloader valve (UV). On Powerpack versions the scope of supply for DOL started units contains a pressure switch (incl. on/off switch, overload protection and unloader), supplied separately. On Powerpack versions with Y/D start, only the solenoid valve is added, not the pressure switch and not the cubicle.



Base mounted

In a base-mounted variant, the LF Powerpack is mounted on a frame with pre-wired regulation installed to run the unit in start/stop. Additionally, a flexible hose and pressure gauge is mounted to connect the base-mounted unit to the air consumer or air net. Base-mounted units are always supplied with industrial check valve or unloader valve, not with the simple check valve. Units with Y/D are supplied with the electrical cubicle. The electrical cubicle contains a transformer for the 230/1 control voltage if unit voltage <> 230/1, 230/3 or 400/3/50. For 400/3/50 it is assumed that a neutral line is available from the electricity net.


Complete unit with vessel

In the LF complete unit model, a Powerpack is mounted on a receiver. Standard receiver sizes are:
1.5 - 4 kW (2 - 5.5 hp): 90 liter
4 - 15 kW (5.5 - 20 hp): 250 liter
Options: 250 - 475 liter



Full Feature

In a Full Feature version, an refrigerant dryer is mounted on the receiver.
Receiver sizes are:
1.5 - 4 kW (2 - 5.5 hp): 250 liter
4 - 7.5 kW (5.5 - 10 hp): 475 liter
Full Feature versions are available from 1.5 to 7.5 kW (2 to 10 hp). ... more



LF Trolly

Trolleys are Powerpacks mounted on a special framework with 2 integrated 10-liter receivers, wheels and lifting bar. Because of the small receiver volume trolleys can be operated in unload mode using a special pilot valve.

LF trolleys are available with electrical motor
(1.5 - 15 kW / 2 - 20 hp)
and petrol motor
(2.2 - 7.5 kW / 3 - 10 hp).








LFx Med




LF Aggregate



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