Advantages of the compressors

  • Portable
  • Full-automatic operation with pressure switch
  • Almost soundless working. So practicable to use directly at workstation
  • 10 years warranty on the vessel against rusting through

Product details

  • Directly flanged aggregate
  • 1 cylinder
  • All safety fittings and power cable with plug as standard
  • Compressed air vessel equipped with safety valve, vessel pressure gauge and condensate drain valve
  • Low noise because of special sound insulation
  • Air outlet with quick connector for simple connection of compressed air tools
  • Fittings module with filter pressure regulator for directed compressed air which is free from condensate, dirt and oil
  • Pressure gauge for metering working pressure
  • Excellently suited for airbrush workings
  • With pressure relief for load-free start-up (SEM 50)
  • With special head for lower working temperatures and thus extreme low rest oil rate (SEM 50)

Last Updated (Tuesday, 17 November 2009 23:23)